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 About company
AZERIN has been founded in March of 1998 with aim to provide whole country access to global INTERNET.
For the brief time the Company has been achieved a good position on the local telecommunication market owing to the high quality and professional serving.

Company's general manager - Mr. Galib Kurbanov - is the chairman of the Azerbaijan Internet Society.
Thanking for used contemporary telecommunication technologies, company's point-of-presents may be organized everywhere within the country, immediately upon customer's request.

The governmental organizations and enterprises as well as the private companies are amongst the AZERIN's customers.


- Supplying all of Internet network services.
- The system integration.
- Creation of IT and telecommunication systems, which provide the optimal functioning of commerce and governmental control.


AZERIN is most popular Internet Service Provider.
 The website of the Central Bank wins Milli Net contest 04-04-2015 
The winner of Milli Net contest

Created by Azerin LLC the website of the Central Bank has been announced the winner of the eGovernment nomination of the Milli Net contest established by the Azerbaijan Internet Forum – the CBA website became the first on the eGovernment nomination among public authorities in 2014.

 The Internet Governance Forum in Baku 10-11-2012 
Vint Cerf və Qalib Qurbanov

The Internet Governance Forum (IGF) with participation of representatives of governments, leading international organizations, civil society, internet community, and business was held on 6-9 November 2012 in Baku, Azerbaijan. Issues of security and openness of Internet, privacy in the global network, filtration of Internet traffic, blocking access to Internet resources and consequences of prevention of Internet access for individuals, groups, and entire countries were discussed during the Forum. Discussions also covered such topics as protection of freedom of speech and innovations as well as the role of professional and civic journalism in the modern world.

Google’s Vice President Dr. Vinton Cerf, also known as “the father of Internet”, visited Baku in order to take part in the event. Parallel with participation in the IGF, Dr. Cerf met with Minister of Communications and Information Technologies of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ali Abbasov and held extended press conference. Dr. Cerf also got acquainted with the sights of our city, visited the Old City and TV tower, took a stroll around the city and boulevard, participated in tasting of the Azerbaijani wines, etc.

It is a great honor for us that during his visit to Baku Dr. Cerf was accompanied by Mr. Galib Gurbanov, General Director of “Azerin” and Chairman of Azerbaijan Internet Society.

Immediately after his return to US Dr. Cerf send Mr. Gurbanov an email expressing his gratitude and appreciation for hospitality, friendship, and fruitful work. At the same time Dr. Cerf mentioned that he would like to return to Baku in order to discuss matters of cooperation.
 The last projects of Azerin design studio
 Website of the Central Bank of Azerbaijan Republic 24-05-2015
Website of the Central Bank of Azerbaijan Republic
 Civil Service Commission under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan 14-05-2015
Website of the Civil Service Commission under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan
 Hager & Mitsch 22-04-2015 

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